ScrewdProtect Nano Glass

Unbreakable & Super Thin

Screwd's Nano Glass is 0.26 mm thin and 10 times stronger than normal tempered glass. Infact, Nano Glass is unbreakable and protects your display like no other.

Superior Touch Response & Color Reproduction

Nano Glass's flexible nano layers interacts with the surface of the screen easily to produce accurate touch response. With Nano Glass's staggering visibility index of 99.8% and super thin profile, you will hardly ever notice the screen protector on your phone.

Resistant to Water, Dust & Oil.

Keeping day to day activities in mind, Screwd's Nano Glass comes with SurfaceProtect Oleophobic coating which repels water, dirt and sweat giving you flawless display all day long.

Screwd. Protect.

Protect your device now !


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I highly recommend this product. Impressive packaging and quality. It is also easy to fit as it has detailed instructions and wipes.

Very good product. Proper instructions to install it. It is good enough for DIY no need to depend on local shop guys for installing it.

Best screen protector, nano screen protector the best fit , perfection, I will recommend it for everyone, guys rock !


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What is Nano Glass ?

Nano Glass is a synthetic polymer of PMMA. It is technically classified as a glass, possessing greater capabilities than normal glass/tempered glass.

How is it better than tempered glass ? Is it unbreakable ?

Nano Glass, unlike tempered glass does not break as it is not brittle. The polymer has force dispersion properties that helps to distribute force evenly on top of it's surface. Flexible polymer layers offer accurate touch response than tempered glass. Yes, it is really unbreakable.

Will it have the same clarity as tempered glass ?

Even better. Nano Glass has high visibility index that transmits images clearly. What's more ? It has UV light cut properties and helps in reducing eye strain.

How do I get one for free after 3 months ?

Enter the coupon code given at the back of the instruction card, enter your address details and pay the shipping fee. We will ship one right away. It is to be noted that you will be eligible for anew one exactly after 3 months.

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